28 Sep 2015


this week i start studies at university! :o

25 Sep 2015

21 Sep 2015

99 problems

last week left and i will go to university
i worry but i can't stop the time
i can only explore new world

and today i'm spending time with my grandma,
we will go shopping, walking by the sea and plant in her garden!

15 Sep 2015

wherever you are

photos from garden in the capital of my country!
beautiful place!
these photos in which i appear, were taken by my friend <3

i haven't post for so long, because for a week i have been on integration-camp with people from my university. i was so worried before the camp, but it turned out really lovely
it was the greatest week of summer for me:p
time was flying so fast and i met amazing people,
whith whom i wish i will be friends for really long time 
(we all think it will be forever:p)

and yesterday i went with some of them bowling and billards!
it was spontaneous and i really loved it!
also during yesterday i met with the girl from my room on the camp
(she also went bowling)
we were walking by the sea, eating ice-cream and pizza
great day was yesterday!

and as it comes to today, i will have surprise for you!
(if it works out:)

5 Sep 2015


at the beggining of last week i was in the capital of my country.
i spent there 3 days with my friend.
we were walking through old town and main streets,
we ate in really lovely, small restaurants,
drank lemonade, fruit smoothies and a lot of water,
visited parks and gardens (even on the top of a building!)
and went to the cinema to see 'we are your friends' (what i truly recommend).
so, these were nice 3 days, and here you have few photos
(there will be much more)

28 Aug 2015

raining over me

as i promised, few photos from yesterday
when i went horse riding with my friend
this horse is quite small haha but cute anyway
opposite to me, i didn't look cute haha

and it's raining outside, finally! 
so i think it is a nice excuse to watch some series

27 Aug 2015

far from home, all alone

today i went horse riding,
for the first time in about 7 years!
it was great but really exausting, because of warmth 
and because my legs weren't prepered well to such exercises xd 
they suffer a lot now, i can't even move them:p
tomorrow i'll show some pictures!

and i'm watching 'deliver us from evil' now
nice horror evening :>