2 Aug 2015

my new song!

i've recorded new song! 
it is called ' in a stream' 
and i made an account on soundcloud,
so you can find my song here:

or here:

enjoy :)

1 Aug 2015

i can't think

piccadilly cirus


pret a manger and my friend :)

27 Jul 2015

different sides

it was hyde park
amazing place, where i wish i could spend much more time

26 Jul 2015

my love

 (the view from london eye)

amazing trip
wonderful city
lovely people
everything was just beautiful and made with taste
i wish i could spend there more time..

19 Jul 2015


photos taken by my friend

tomorrow i'm going abroad!
i'm so excited to see London

i'll be gone for 4 days

12 Jul 2015

cage me like an animal

i just have so many feelings inside me
that i want to tidy up all of them
i worry i won't change anything

7 Jul 2015


i feel big like a whale
and i'm still hungry
i just want to eat 
and i don't know how to stop:p
but it is a bad thing