7 Jul 2015


i feel big like a whale
and i'm still hungry
i just want to eat 
and i don't know how to stop:p
but it is a bad thing

3 Jul 2015

don't listen to the word i say

first day of open'er festival was amazingly, extremly wonderful!
today and tomorrow i'm also going on those concerts
temperature is really high, but that's fine i guess.
and i already have great and lovely memories! 
waiting for new to happen

1 Jul 2015

everything after work

of course, as always, i'm hungry.
but that's not the point:p

i will say now what are the images in my head, my dreams and plans
in about a week i'm finishing work and i'm really looking forward to it

at the day, i will take a bath, paint my nails ( i couldn't have painted nails at work)
and color my hair with purple :D but don't worry, it's not permanent

during the week before going abroad with friend 
i will do a lot of sport, i will go outside with dog, friends
everyday i will spend time with nature, in the sun, in the green.
and i was thinking about starting a diet which would last 5-7 days,
but i have to think over it one more time
because i would like to go with my aunt to the restaurant.

then it would be london time, i can't wait <3

and also in august i will go in some other places, for example with my mum.
aww i just love imagining and thinking about whole this stuff

i need to find some concerts and festivals maybe where i could go
and i want to be creative, active and see and do a lot of things!

 oh, and today i'm going on open'er festival 
i probably will go there alone unless i will find my friends on the place
but that's okay, i think i like going alone somewhere. it is quite exciting
i will see alt-j and chet faker today!

have a nice day <3

26 Jun 2015

what i want

i want my hair back! i miss time when it was really long
and i want to stay at home! not have to go to work. i feel it will never finish
and i want to eat chocolate! or any dessert. 

22 Jun 2015


a lot of thoughts but no words

10 Jun 2015

process of oblivion

creating new memories
living a moment
only now and future
letting go

i'm thinking about new tattoo!

8 Jun 2015


new analog photos!

i found a summer-job!
i've been working in fastfood restaurant since last week
its a little hard, boring work but i will earn some money
and that's the reason that i came there.
also another one it to take my mind off my problems.
so i'm going to work there till the half of july
and then finally i can start holiday:p
i'm going abroad with my friend
but later i will tell about it a little more!

for last few days i'm constantly hungry haha
today i'm going to sushi bar with my mum