11 Dec 2016

advancing in the sun

photos from the weekend by the sea with my dad

today i'm going on a party and i have to dress up
i chose this character:

but unluckily i'm not that pretty:p

10 Dec 2016

my baby she's a burglar

i prefer to stay home than going out somewhere
and i will just focus on cleaning and tidying up my room

8 Dec 2016

dear darkness

yey i've made it and finally can leave this behind
now long weekend starts!
today i'm going to the cinema with dad
and tomorrow we're going shopping.

lately i'm even too tired to sleep

7 Dec 2016

i'm looking for a no hussle night

i'm nervous because today morning i have a presentation for english classes
and i don't like to talk and i worry that i won't make it...
but it's the last such stressful thing i guess

2 Dec 2016

ready for the weekend

when my eyes don't see what my heart cannot stand,
then i'm quite calm. if i can call that calmness.

today is a good day, sun shined a little, snow appeared
and i've got nothing more to do
i'm going with my dad for a weekend to some house by the sea
we're going go watch movies and eat 

25 Nov 2016


sunny city

i haven't sleep most of the last night
i had weird dreams and i was thinking too much

by the way, now i feel much better.
i finished diet, so i lost weight which i wanted to get rid of
and tonight i'm going to eat sushi with my mom.
and my eyes hurt a little because of the comupter's screen.

and the weather is lovely lately
and some magical things always happen

21 Nov 2016

off to sleep

i've came back home from those workshops
and i'm glad i tried a new thing
but it's not realy for me:p
i will look for some other kind of activity