22 Jul 2014


i just want to say good morning 
and have a nice day for everyone :)

21 Jul 2014


new look!
oh, i'd like to eat something haha

19 Jul 2014

temporary ground

Moving without motion
Screaming without sound
Across an open ocean
Lying there on temporary ground

16 Jul 2014

doubts again

everytime it appears again. and i have doubts if i should do it.
but my mind rejects life like that and emotions like these.
and i don't know if i'm guilty of this small everything, cause it seems like i am.
but..i can try. it won't work anyway.

today i excavated a jar with a letter
from me to me.
i wrote it 2 years ago and burried in the ground, 
underneath the trees,
just to see, after a while, how i've changed,
what was on my mind then.

and actually it was weird feeling to read this.
but it was exactly my style.
and i haven't changed so much.

i will write next letter.

15 Jul 2014

inside outside

nothing special happens
im sitting home, with hurted hand
and im watching movies and reading a book

greeeat holiday..

8 Jul 2014


i'm working on next song :)

and it is so hot in here that i can't stand it:p

7 Jul 2014

bad sun

i'm exhausted..
i was half today in the shelter, taking care of dogs was so cool.i love them!
but the sun is horrible. it makes it impossible to live...